A La Carte Menu

Appetisers & Lite bites

  Homemade Duck & Port pate... £5,95
  Melon Boat... £4,95
  Crispy coated Blanchebait... £5,95
  Homemade soup of the day... £4,50
  Smoked Salmon & Prawn Cocktail... £6,95
  Breaded Camembert... £6,50
  Smoked Mackerel Fillet ... £5,25
  Mushrooms... £5,95
  Combo Platter... £11,50
  Garlic Baguette ... £3,25

Main courses

  Grilled Cajun Chicken Breast... £10,50
  Pork Grill... £14,50
  10 oz Sirloin Steak... £17,50
  6 oz Sirloin Steak... £11,95
  8 oz Fillet Steak... £23,95
  12 oz Ribeye Steak... £18,50
  10 oz Gammon Steak... £11,50

with an egg or pineapple

  Peppered Sauce... £2,25

With cream, brandy, onions and black pepper

  Old English Sauce... £2,25

With Stilton, whisky and cream

  Onion Rings... £1,95

Steaks are served with french fries, peas, mushrooms & a salad garnish OR vegetables and potatoes


From the Poachers Pocket

  Venison... £14,95

Cooked in red wine

  Pheasant... £11,50

Cooked in a madeira sauce

  Drunken Pork... £10,95

Pork fillets slowly cooked in red wine and port with onions and mushrooms

  Hunters style Chicken... £11,50

Grilled Chicken breast coated with BBQ sauce, Bacon and melted cheese.

  Roast of the day£7.50£8,95

See our specials board for today's choices

  Half Roast Duck...  £17,95 

 With plum or orange sauce 

  Pork Loin Steaks... £11,95

Grilled and coated with a honey and mustard sauce

  Half Roast Chicken... £10,50

All of the above main course dishes are served with a selection of vegetables and potatoes.

Classical Dishes

  Traditional Homemade Steak & Kidney Pie£7,95 £9,95

Served with french fries and vegetables, Also available as a lighter option

  Chilli Con Carne... £9,25

Served with rice, salad and peas

  Cottage Pie... £8,95

Served with a selection of vegetables

  Chicken Curry£7.50 £9,50

Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a mild curry sauce, served on a bed of fluffy rice and accompanied by a 'Bits tray'. Also available as a lighter option

  Homemade Beef Lasagne£7,50 £9,75

Served with french fries and a selection of vegetables. Also available as a lighter option

  Moussaka... £10,50

The authentic Greek original, served with salad and crusty bread or vegetable and chips

  Ham & Eggs£7,50 £9,50

Home cooked ham served with salad and chips


Seafood Dishes

  Breaded Plaice... £9,50

Served with peas, french fries and salad garnish

  Whole-tail Scampi£8,95 £10,95

Served with peas, french fries and salad garnish. Also available as a lighter option

  Cold Seafood Platter... £11,50

Smoked salmon, prawns and peppered mackerel served with salad, new potatoes or french fries and a special seafood sauce

  Salmon Fillet... £12,50

Poached and served with horseradish and mustard sauce with a selection of vegetables and potatoes

  Rainbow Trout... £11,50

Grilled and topped with almonds, served with vegetables and potatoes

  Battered Cod£7.50£9.50

The old favourite served with peas, french fries and a salad garnish. Also available as a lighter option. 

Vegetarian Dishes

  Vegetable Curry... £9,50

Served on a fluffy bed of rice, accompanied with a 'Bits tray'

  Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne £7,50£9,50

Served with vegetables OR salad and french fries. Also available as a lighter option

  Cheese and Broccoli Bake £7.50£9,50

Served with vegetables and potatoes. Also available as a lighter option

   Homemade Nut & Cheese Roast ... £9,95

 Served with vegetables and potatoes


Salad Dishes

  Home Cooked Ham Salad... £9,75
  Warm Salmon Salad Bowl (Sweet Chilli Dressing)... £11,25
  Greek Salad Bowl (Feta, Olives, Cherry Tomatoes & Balsamic Dressing)... £9,50
  Ploughman's with Ham & Cheddar Cheese... £10,50

Side Orders

  Crusty Baguette & Butter... £1,50
  Bowl of Vegetables... £2,95
  Bowl of Chips... £2,95
  Mushrooms... £2,50
  Naan Bread... £1,50
  Bowl of Coleslaw... £1,25


Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Sundae... £4,95

Vanilla Ice cream with crushed Meringue and drizzled with lemon sauce

Pancake... £4,95

Filled with vanilla ice cream and covered with hot maple syrup

Homemade Sherry Trifle ... £4,95
Ginger Delight...£6,50
A delicious combination of vanilla ice cream with crystallised ginger, brandy and butterscotch sauce
Warm Sticky Chocolate Orange Cake ... £5,50
 Mint Iceburg  ... £5,25

Mint ice cream with meringue and creme du menth topped with chocolate sauce

Raspberry Meringue Chantilly ... £5,25

Raspberry ripple ice cream with home made meringues, topped with a raspberry sauce

Summer Fruits Pavlola ... £5,50

Ice Cream 

 .. £3,95

Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry

 Poachers Pocket Ever Popular Apfel Strudel  ... £5,50 
A Serving of Clotted Cream... £0,75
Cheese and Biscuits... £7,75

A Selection of cheese and biscuits with celery and grapes


Gaelic Coffee with Irish Whiskey ... £4,50
French Coffee with Brandy... £4,50
Choose any Liqueur of your choice...£4,50
Floater Coffee... £3,25
 Tea or Coffee + a crisp mint ... £1.95  

House Wines 

Marcel Hubert Medium Dry Red... £12,95
Maison De Vigneron Vin De Pays Dry White... £12,95
Hardys Australian Medium White... £12,95
Piesporter Sweet White... £12,95

White Wines 

Pinot Grigio A refreshing Italian wine... £13,95
Sauvingon Blanc Fresh and appealing with a citrus finish... £12,95
Chardonnay Hardys, fresh and fruity wine from Australia... £14,95
Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand, fruity smoothness with a crisp finish... £18,50

Rose Wines 

Kumala A medium and jucy wine from South Africa ... £13,95
Shiraz Rose Jacobs Creek - fresh raspberry and cherry flavours... £15,95

Red Wines 

Cabernet Sauvigion A full fruity wine from South Africa... £14,95
 Merlot A medium fruity wine with a good depth from Chile ... £14,95
Rioja Faustino VII, a real Spanish classic... £17,95
Shiraz A round soft wine, produced in Australia ... £15,95

Champagne And Sparkling Wines

Prosecco A light dry and fresh Italian wine... £16,95
 Paul Langier Champagne - Medium Dry... £32,00
Asti Martini -  Medium Sweet... £15,50
Moet Et Chandon The classic grand marque... £43,00