Wine List

House Wines

 75cl Marcel Hubert Medium Dry Red... £12,50
 75cl Maison de Vigneron French Dry White... £12,50
 75cl Maison de Vigneron French Medium White... £12,50
 75cl Piesporter German Sweet Wine... £12,50

White Wines

 75cl Pinot Grigio... £13,95

A refreshing crisp Italian wine

 75cl Chablis... £21,95

Dry citrus and distinctive aroma from Burgundy

 75cl Sauvingon Blanc... £14,95

Fresh and appealing with a lively citrus finish from Central valley, Chille

 75cl Chardonnay... £13,95

Easy drinking, stylish and fruity, From SE Australia

 75cl Rioja... £14,95

A modern crisp white Rioja from Spain


Rose Wines

 75cl Kumala... £13,95

A medium juicy wine from South Africa

 75cl Shiraz Rose... £14,95

Fresh cherry flavours with a clean finish from California


Red Wines

 75cl Cabernet Sauvignon... £14,50

A full fruity wine again in oak barrells, produced in the western cape of South Africa

 75cl Merlot... £14,50

A medium fruity wine with a good depth of flavour. An excellent accompaniment to all meats, Produced from the Maule valley in Chile

 75cl Chateauneuf Du Pape... £25,95

A strong rich wine from the Rhone Valley with a warm fruit flavour

 75cl Rioja... £16,95

Faustino VII, The Spanish classic

 75cl Shiraz... £14,95

A round soft wine with a firm finish and a hint of sweetness from oak maturation. Produced in the Riverina area of Austrailia

 75cl Malbec... £13,50

Champagne and Sparking Wines

 75cl Prosecco... £16,95

A dry and fresh italian sparkling wine

 75cl Paul Langier... £32,00

Champagne - Medium dry

 75cl Asti Martini... £15,50

Medium Sweet

 75cl Moet Et Chandon... £43,00

The classic Grand Marque